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10 best tips to start winter swimming

I've been the one standing on the shore multiple summers wondering; HOW are people able to swim around in the cold water? The funny thing is, that I've been voluantarily swimming in ice-cold water for two seasons - and actually enjoying it. If I can, I'm sure YOU are able to become a coldwater-swimmer too!

Here's my 10 best advice for starting to swim in the cold water.

  1. Start while the water is warm! Preferably in August if you're living in Scandinavia. (The water is about 18°Celcius / 64.4 °Fahrenheit in August here.)

  2. Consistency is the key! The water-temperature is dropping relatively fast so I definetly recommend going at least once a week to get used to the water getting colder.

  3. Set the right expectations! It takes time to get to know your own body and how it reacts. It's more than okay to be in the water for few seconds. Be proud of yourself and your achivement.

  4. Bring a bathrope or a huge towel to dry fast afterwards.

  5. Choose to go at days with good weather conditions. The best experience will be with little wind and sunshine. Maybe even during sunrise or sunset to see beautiful colors.

  6. Be CAREFUL. It can be dangerous to swim in open water. Make sure to check your local guidelines for waterquality, safety-instructions and bring a friend/familiymember, who can look after you, while you're swimming.

  7. Try to breathe slowly while in the water. Relax and focus on the lovely horizon, the birds flying by or det beautiful sky above. Bring in all the positivity with each breath while you try to clear your head of thought.

  8. Try to be decisive. Make the decision before you're even at the beach to swim in the water. Your mind is controlling your actions! If you're wobbling and worrying about the cold water from the shore, you'll just be upset about your indecisiveness when coming back home. You're brave - you can do this! But remember, there's NO SHAME in changing your mind due to weatherconditions when showing up - safety above all!

  9. Bring something to get the heat back - it can be a lovely cup of coffee/tea or maybe even a thermocup with body-temperature tapwater to put on your feet after your cold swim. I guarantee you'll be happy with something warm to re-heat you.

  10. It's not a competition. Compare yourself to yourself. This new self-care of yours should be for your own sake and your own happiness. It dosn't matter if anyone else can be in the water longer, faster or more often than you. Be happy to be on your own journey for yourself.

You can do this, darling! Kirstine


Which advice did you find most usefull? I would love to hear in the comments! You're also welcome to share your stories about winterswimming with me - I will love to hear them all! <3

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