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Guide HOW to plan your days during the 60 Days self-care challenge

Opdateret: 2. okt. 2022

It can be difficult to incorporate new habits and make a new schedule for your day. But it's an important step to change behaviour as a good routine can be your best friend, especially on rough days.

But I for sure is possible, and I want you to succeed in this self-care challenge. I believe the best way to do that is by getting an overview, what your day is gonna look like and prioritise!

The key to success is simply planning your day smart!

I've made a little guide beneath you can you as a tool to easily prioritise and schedule your new daily routines.

Psst... I share my new schedule at the bottom if you are curious!



Start planning your daily schedule by the following 8 steps:

  1. Ask firstly yourself: Is there something I HAVE to do during my day? Examples: - going to work - pick up kids - make dinner - drive to work - etc. Write these down on a piece of paper.

  2. Write also on the same paper, what you would LIKE to do each day. Examples: - this challenge: affirmations, workout, meditation, time in nature - relationship time - going to the beach for a swim - social media - etc.

  3. Write down how many hours of sleep you usually need on the same piece of paper.

  4. (Start making your daily schedule by writing down timelines you can't change in your daily life like: - the clock you're going to and from work/school - the clock you have to pick your children up - etc.

  5. (If things are the same in steps 1 and 4, then skip this part) Now it's time to plan around those things written down in step 4. Start with the things you HAVE to do during the day mentioned in step number 1.

  6. Now, look at the things written down in step number 2. How long does each thing take and in which order will you prefer them? (Remember to be reasonable with setting time for each thing - you shouldn't be stressed throughout the day because of a tight schedule!) Put the things you prioritised highest in your timeline first and look where they can fit naturally or most efficient.

  7. Now you should be able to check yourself if you have made a GOOD schedule for yourself by seeing: - When doing all those things you have written down when you then have to go to bed and wake up in the morning? Check if you are getting enough sleep as written down in step 3. - If you're getting enough sleep. Great! If not, look at step 8.

  8. If you're having trouble getting all of your wishes done then you have two options: 1. Is there a realistic way you can do two things together like the examples: listening to audiobook/podcast while cooking/driving car? walk/bicycle instead of car to get exercise? write your affirmations while you are out in nature? etc... but remember to make it realistic! OR 2. You have to take something out of your schedule! Don't underestimate the importantance of your rest and peace during the day. This challenge is NOT to make you stressed out. Instead remove some from your list and ask yourself what you most would like to do during the day. After a while, I'm sure you know, what to prioritise!


My schedule during the challenge

I've made my schedule with the abovementioned method. This schedule is made for some of my longest days with school during this challenge. This means that the days I'm not driving as long to school I'll have more time to relax/do chores etc during the night.

You're welcome to use my schedule as inspiration.


Please don't hesitate to ask for help with your schedule, if you've any questions about how to make your schedule work out! Some of the other contestants or I might have some ideas on how to combine your schedule. Use the hashtag #60daysselfcarechallenge or make a comment below, and we can try to help each other out!

Also, let me know in the comments if this guide was helpful to you.

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